Ring Stacking – The more the better

Never underestimate the importance of rings in any type of fashion. These little pieces of jewelry can instantly make or break your entire outfit. When you know how to wear your ring, you will unlock a whole new world of possibilities. So maybe it’s high time that you start stocking up on rings and add a little more fun to your everyday outfits. We have found the perfect boutique to buy bohemian jewelry so keep reading to find out where.Here are a few ideas on how you can wear them in order to nail the perfect look.  Here are a few ideas on how you can wear them in order to nail the perfect look.

  1. Minimalist look

If you are someone who doesn’t like stacking up a pile of jewelry over your outfits, go for simple rings in platinum or silver. This will keep your look very neat while also adding a classy touch.

  1. Tube rings

Tube rings come in different materials, colors and prints. These are for a fun and playful look rather than a dressy one. Tube rings are generally bulky and without any embellishments.

  1. Stacked rings

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear only one ring with an outfit. Instead, you can go bold and stack them up. Wearing a stack of rings with the same or similar design will make a strong statement and give the wearer a sense of sophistication without making the look too over the top.

  1. Combination of rings

You can also combine different themes that are in tune with your outfit. You could sport a ring or two on each finger. To avoid them from looking too cluttered up, wear them on just one hand while keeping the other one plain. Wearing a thin chain, layer a bracelet over the rings to add more elegance. However, when you are layering up, make sure that the jewelry pieces are not too chunky or the look will seem too bulky and forceful.

  1. Midi rings

Midi rings are the new trend that are taking everyone by the feet, literally. As long as you know how to wear them right, they can do wonders to your look. Metallic midi rings look better if they are without any embellishments. Keeping it simple is the key to mastering the look. You could also try out different ring arrangements with different nail colors to keep them from getting boring.

  1. Over accessorize

Sometimes, going off the hook may do the job for you. Going for a gypsy-inspired look with an extra dose of accessories will be like a breath of fresh air in the midst of spotless, standardized fashion.

  1. Rusty stackable rings

You can also go for rusty, stacked rings for a vintage look. This will make you look very laidback and outlandish. The rings don’t necessarily need to be rusty, you can also replace them with oxidized ones. These look good with boho chic outfits as well as ethnic looks.

  1. Sparkling rings

Sparkling rings can be worn over party dresses to add a little more glamor. For classy looks choose a band ring with a glittery finish. However if you are looking to create a fun and flirty look, you can also go for the ones with motifs and embellishments.

  1. Spiked rings

Spiked rings are not going to work with dainty looks that have laces and embroideries. This is more fitting for rugged and outlandish looks. So if you are wearing rugged jeans and ankle boots, play it up with a spiked ring. You could also wear spiked rings to add sophistication to the boho glam styles. Spikes make a very strong statement. They are always the best accessory if you want to cut the monotony of looking too dainty and delicate.