Hair and Makeup Tips and Secrets I Learned Behind the Scenes at Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to spend a little time behind the scenes during this year’s Fashion Week in NYC. While I love the clothes, I found myself most interested by all the little behind the scenes hair and makeup tips that I observed and learned from the pros.

One of the things that I wasn’t all that surprised at (but honesty made me feel a lot better about myself) is that not all models have perfect skin. While I get pimples, blackheads and other minor skin problems from time to time, (and cover them well enough with makeup) most models appear to have the perfect complexion because they have a professional apply their makeup. So don’t feel bad next time you see a model with perfect looking skin.

I’ve always heard that cheap mascara is just as good as expensive designer mascara, and although I’ve tried both I can never make up my mind. After sneaking a peak at a few makeup artists backstage during Fashion Week I was very surprised to see quite a few of them using mascara from there local bohemian clothing stores – some of which I have used in the past. I will never again splurge on expensive mascara.

Another makeup no-no I’ve heard is to never use your fingers to apply your makeup. I know that makeup brushes make application easier and allow you to be more precise, and yes most of the makeup artists I observed at Fashion Week were using brushes, some however were using their fingers. For the most part they were using their fingers for lipsticks and cream blushes, but I’m sure they are useful for other makeup as well.

I also saw a lot of makeup used for purposes other than what it is meant for. Such as lipstick being applied as a cream eye shadow and a blush. You can come up with so many different looks without having to spend more money on makeup by simply playing around and being creative with what you already have on hand.

I had always assumed that to get the amazing hairstyles seen on the runways of Fashion Week that the top stylists used fancy expensive products. However I was very shocked to see that just like the mascara the stylists were using brands found at the drug store, which had sponsored the show. Not one of them felt the need to add any expensive products along with the drug store brand.

My whole experience at Fashion Week has made me realize that I really can take the looks from the runways and incorporate them into my own life, without breaking the bank.