What Profile Pictures Say About Us

Profile Pictures



The profile picture is what people see when you interact anywhere within the online world. This is why, when setting a profile picture, one won’t pick and choose just any photo of themselves. The average person will choose a photo that they particularly like or that they feel will represent them in the way they want. Profile pictures are what brand us as an individual, what we want others to see of ourselves first. What’s great about profile pictures is that we get to choose how we look to others, unlike the first impression in person.

If a person prides themselves in a certain feature of themselves, then they might choose to highlight that particular feature in their profile photo. With all of the different photo editing apps and different angles you can create a great photo with, it’s very easy to do just that. This is why having a profile picture can be fun and why not many people within the social media realm will have a profile photo – it’s something we can concoct of the first impression others will see of our appearance online. The social media community recognizes each other by profile pictures.

Profile Pics 2

Profile pictures will say whatever we want them to say about ourselves. They’re tools of which we have the ability to have that tangible aspect of the impression we give others. In the real world, while we’re just going about our daily lives, we aren’t constantly focused on how we are appearing to the world. Within social media, we still aren’t exactly constantly focused on how we are appearing, but it wouldn’t be something out of our reach because of that set profile picture. Our online first impressions will stay the exact same unless we change our profile photos.

The people of social media and their branded appearance set by the profile picture is not only very efficient in communicating what we want to say to others within that platform, but also very important to have. Without these forms of identification, we’re appealing to the social media world as someone unidentifiable when we’re interacting. To have a profile photo that you feel suits you is a great form of expression and identity within the online community. Without profile pictures, we’re essentially walking around the online world without a physical identity. In order to have that ideal persona for people to recognize you, a profile photo that you love of yourself is necessary.